Walking out of the sunset

Friday August 5, 2005

I have to say I’m enjoying these lazy days, just so long as now and again I can get out and do something interesting and worthwhile.

This morning, after pushing the vacuum round the house, dusting the surfaces and twitching everything neat and tidy just in case a viewer came along (negative, but I’m getting used to that, too), I stood in the kitchen doorway looking out at the rain.

“No gardening today, Dolly,” I said.

She was in process of slurping water from the running tap, so I didn’t expect an answer.

So I came into the study and sat looking at the filing problem. I need to transfer the more commonly used files from the chest into the bottom drawer of my desk so’s I can get at them more easily, and file routine monthly correspondence away without needing to move the new printer/scanner from the top of the chest. I shall be glad when this always being ready for viewers phase is over. It gets in the way of convenient living.

Somehow, though, neither the spirit nor the flesh was willing to take that task on.

So I got up, took advantage of a lull in the rain to walk a little way up the lane and back again, and settled down for a lazy day. No point, or virtue, in trying to hide it.

Late in the day I took another turn up the lane, camera round my neck just in case. That was a good thing to do because I was there just at the perfect time to catch a pretty good sunset. I ran off a few shots, moving back and forth to get the best viewpoint, and then I stood for while, revelling in it.

I turned on my heels and returned home. Not so much walking into the sunset as walking out of it. Must get a CD of evening raga. It would have been a good time for a good, long evening raga, sitting outside the kitchen door, just in case someone came walking out of the sunset, I mean.


Stickford, Aug 5,'05
August sunset



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