The inside of our eyelids

Saturday August 6, 2005

Driving back from Tesco’s this evening was an inspiration.

I started by standing by the little silver Ford in the carpark, watching a flock of seagulls—it’s easy sometimes to forget that Boston is a port, with the sea close by—wheeling against a dark clouded sky, lit vividly by the low-level evening sun. A truly joyous sight.


A joy of seagulls
At Tesco’s I stood, captured, in the evening sun,
my gaze alternating between the sighting of
watch-worthy designer crumpet on the ground
and seagulls wheeling—vivid, white-winged jewels,
lit by the last sunshine in a darkening sky.
The seagulls won it, stitching joy over the clouds,
making me wonder why no-one else was watching.
John Bailey
Lincolnshire, August 2005


Then, on the drive home, the entire sky was taken over by a sunset to make your ears bleed. Not the kind you can photograph unless you have a good standpoint and they’re few and far between on a Saturday evening busy Lincolnshire road. A spattering of rain discouraged me some, too. I don’t take several hundred quid’s worth of electronics out in the rain.

And then, when I got back home, a glorious rainbow was there to greet me, a double, stretching high over head and visible all the way from left to right. Still raining, though, so I contented myself with admiration rather than pixels.

A good end to an odd day.

It’d started well enough. My morning writing session done, I set to the task of house cleaning, just in case, and was interrupted by the agents, justifying my activity as if on cue. Mr & Mrs W. wanted to see the house. Fine. I’ll be ready.

They came early. I hate it when people do that. They were a nice couple, though, so I swiftly forgave them. Dolly liked them, too, and they raved about Dolly. As to whether or not they’ll take the house on, I wouldn’t like to say. They played their cards very close to their chests and were fast and thorough in their inspection. They clearly liked the place, though, and need to move urgently. Next week will reveal all. At least we’re getting viewers now.

[snip of section relating entirely to FLICKR (RIP). I have the original text on my hard disk in the old html file.]

So, then. Dolly and I have had an odd day, with visitors, a good, well-earned nap, and lots of good photographs. Dolly tries to show an interest in the pictures but, like all proper cats, she really rather prefers those she sees on the inside of her eyelids. When I’ve been sitting at the computer too long I understand just how she feels.



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