Successful napping

Sunday August 7, 2005

This was my day off from the possibility of viewers and Dolly and I celebrated it in style, she with her feet firmly in the air, snoring not so gently on the bed, and me with my back pressed firmly to the bed beside her for several long periods. I suspect that the combined snoring chorus of the two of us was devastating in nature.

I did stir my bones in the early evening to go out and cut grass, water baskets and containers, and replenish the water level in the pond. I’m doing well with all this shoving of mowers and vacuums around. Where I needed frequent rests I can now go longer without a break. At a rough count, cutting the grass took six breaks when I started. Now it’s down to three.

Just goes to show. It’s all too easy simply to give in to creaky joints and sink into a sloth of inactivity. If you push it as far as you can go, though, then take a rest and go on to push it again, the body does respond. Not fast, but it does respond.

Keeping up physical fitness levels is not easy, and I don’t pretend that it is. I don’t think it’s possible to deny that the reward is significant if you can manage it, though. My circulation is much improved, evidenced quite visibly by my legs, which are far less blotchy than they were. And if it’s improved there then it’s improved elsewhere, too, where it can’t be seen.

I’m no more limber than before, that would be too much to hope, and if there’s any diminution in pain levels I can attribute to the increased physical exercise then I can’t detect it. The thing I find gratifying is that my endurance is extending, and that has to be good.

Even so, there are several small garden chores that will need attention soon and I’m blowed if I can see how I’m going to manage them without some creative thinking. There is a small crop of weeds showing along the edge of the driveway and along the footings of the hedges, both of them out of my reach.

I have a padded kneeler thing but can only use it for very short periods and the effort needed to get up and down safely each time is discouraging. I’ve arranged with a neighbour to borrow his electric strimmer and this may help with some of it but I’m afraid I shall have to treat the weeds along the drive with a fast-acting herbicide and I really hate that. Then there are the hedges themselves, which will very soon need a trim. I can’t manage Graham’s hedge trimmer, and the use of garden shears is beyond me, too.

Hey ho. I shall find a way. The most important tools in a less-than-able gardener’s armoury are a positive attitude and sheer bloody-mindedness.

So, then. It’s been a pleasant day but I can’t claim to have achieved much, not unless you count several very successful naps, that is.



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