Learning by experience

Sunday August 21, 2005

“Oh, Dolly,” I cried as I came in from washing windows. “Did you have to?”

She looked at me, slightly alarmed, decided I wasn’t kidding, and zoomed off to her hidey-hole under the bed in the smallest bedroom. The hidey-hole I’m not supposed to know about.

“You may well hide,” I called after her. “Shame on you, Dolly.”

And there I was, glumly contemplating the great gouges she’d inflicted on the vinyl-covered wallpaper just inside the door, on a corner where you can’t help but see it when you come in to the house. An emergency text to Graham was needed:




Moments later the phone rang: “Why, what’s the problem?”

I explained, saying it wasn’t really her fault, she’d got all concerned with me being outside looking in.

“Do you think you can fix it?”

“Oh, yeah. Tile-on-a-roll wallpaper is the easiest thing to patch. And if I can’t I’ll zoom off to B&Q and get the necessary to put up some wainscoting in the entrance way.”

“We should have done that in the first place.”

“Yup. And I may do it yet. For now, though, I do need to do an emergency patch…”

So he told me where to find the bag of left-over wallpaper, and the repair paste, and rang off.

And that’s why I spent a small part of my evening perched on a stool, carefully cutting out a square of the old paper, and a piece of new to match, and applying the patch to the wall. Not too bad a bit of work, even if I does say it as shouldn’t. I was just clearing up and sponging off the surplus paste when Dolly peered round the corner from the hall, looking as close to sheepish as yer average Mega-Cat can manage.

“Oh, come on here,” I said, scooping her up for a major cuddle. “It’s not your fault, not really it isn’t.”

Just to make sure, I’ve cut some curtains of bubble wrap for each of the exposed corners and hung them loosely on blobs of blu-tak to prevent a recurrence. Humans may love bubble wrap but Dolly loathes it with a vengeance, and I can whisk it away out of sight in seconds when viewers come a’calling.

Mental note to self: Tile-on-a-roll wallpaper is not a good idea where it may be damaged, and it’s a very bad idea where cats can get at it.



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