Saturday September 3, 2005

To Boston today, to mail some ID documents off to Graham, who is still wrestling with the problem of establishing banking facilities without benefit of standard identification. He’s getting there. The dominoes have been identified and now it’s a question of finding which one to topple first. I do believe that the growing number of barriers placed in the way of ordinary citizens in identifying themselves to governmental and financial institutions are at least in part designed to soften us all up to go for the proposed National Identity cards just as soon as they are available, regardless of cost.

Oh, they say it’s all about fighting international crime, money-laundering, and countering terrorism. That’s absolute twaddle. It’s about control, that’s what it’s about.

Hey ho. We live in strange and challenging times and I refuse to get het up about it.

The rather posh office of our new house agent is a few steps up from the post office so I popped in to make the acquaintance of the two very nice young women who will be front-ending our sale. Two buyers were in there, being attended to most efficiently and I was careful to eavesdrop, discretely and just enough to get a feel of the way they’re handled. No complaints there. Sadly, one was looking for something considerably larger and more expensive than ours, including at least two acres of grounds, and the other was aiming somewhat lower. Even so, it’s encouraging to see people there, actively looking for a property to buy, and in a position fit to do so.

Our sales effort will not be officially up and running until about the middle of next week but I was shown a list of potential buyers who’d already been informed of our property. All very encouraging. There’s a flavour of enthusiasm and positive thinking about this firm that’s in complete contrast to the dreary, resigned air that came with the last lot. I don’t anticipate being in need of it in the forseeable future but this is a lesson I shall do my best not to forget.

There are two properties in our target area that have really caught my fancy while searching the Internet. Both are within our financial limit, and both have been on the market for some time. And I know both of them, having walked past them many times. With any luck, we’ll be able to sell here and snap one of them up before the end of the coming winter.

The conclusion has to be that, if there are two, there are others.

We have a dream. When we found our first home in Somerset—The Old Ranch House—it wasn’t on the Internet, nor was it on the books of any of the local agents. Instead a shabby, weather-worn ‘For Sale’ sign from an agent in a far-away town caught Graham’s eye as we drove past. We’d like it immensely if a similar happy accident came along this time round.

I hope that the house sale here will happen soon but even if it doesn’t, the pace of life is going to hot up for a few months and I shall have to make some changes to meet the challenge. I’m not complaining. I could do with a bit of a change.

I’ll be travelling down to Somerset some time this month, popping Dolly in her carrier, and the three of us teaming up in a caravan on the holiday camp for a few days. Graham and I are looking forward to that, and we’re looking forward, too, to the end of the season sometime in mid-October, when he’ll come back home. However, that’s not the end of the issue. The holiday camp opens up several times over the winter period, for special events, and the bar facilities have to be reactivated, too, meaning that Graham will need to be there.

The thought of further separations fills both of us with some dread, as do the train journeys, which are hell for Graham, and not pleasant for me.

So we’ve decided that we’re not going to do it that way any more. When he needs to be there we shall all three of us, Graham, Dolly and me, hop into the car and motor down together, staying in the caravan for the one or more days to get the job done, and then return to the comfort of our home here in Lincolnshire. With luck, one of those trips will be a one-way affair, but, whatever, we don’t intend to be separated like this again if we can possibly avoid it.

Which brings me neatly to the subject of the online journal.

If and when we take up winter residence in the caravan I shall buy a cheapo laptop as my house-sale present so that I can keep writing every day. I’m proud of my ‘dailyness’ and have every intention of keeping it going into the future. This year there have been only two very short breaks, both for good cause, and both announced in advance. From now on though, and for a few months to come, there will be times when I shall be unable to post on a daily basis either because I’m not within reach of a computer or because I’m simply too busy with other matters.

Now, it’s clearly not a sensible thing to do to pre-announce one’s absence from home, and I don’t intend to. I’m a fool, but I’m not foolish in that way.

So, from now until further notice the dailyness is going to have to be suspended. I shall give no advance notice or explanation, but shall keep a paper journal while I can’t post, and do my best to fill in the gaps with words and pictures after the event. Please don’t worry if there’s a sudden silence—it’ll indicate no more than the fact that, for one reason or another, I’ve been unable to post and you can rely on me to resume as soon as possible.

I hate doing this because I know there are a lot of readers out there who enjoy a daily dose, if not for content then for reliability. Now would be a good time to sign up to the notification list, or to the RSS feed, if you’ve not already done so. Thanks in advance for sticking with me. We’ll have an online party to celebrate my return to dailyness when this period is done.



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