Notes of the day — Impressions and Jottings #1

Sunday September 4, 2005

Motivation: running thin. Growing numbness. Difficult to get going before it gets too hot to get going.

Hot: kitchen door swells in extreme heat; difficult to latch once opened. Next house to have steel/foam sandwich doors, esp. if in direct sun. Whatever happened to external deckchair canvas awnings/curtains/blinds? Standing in front of big floor fan in hallway brings on cramp in legs?

Spending too much time sitting at the computer.

Tescos: Long diversion on country road route; will have to go the direct way, through Boston, for a couple of weeks.

Need to attack Dolly with scissors to remove last of the moult.

There’s not a lot of difference beyween paranoia and loneliness.

Try to avoid the Shrub’s speeches in future.

Jaws — thirty year anniversary? Thought those haircuts looked dated… Still like flares.

Early to bed. Tired of being tired of being tired…



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