Notes of the day — Impressions and Jottings #2

Monday September 5, 2005

Raining. World looks like it’s viewed through a tobacco grad filter. Dolly seems to think it was me as wot turned off the sun.

Graham’s off to Taunton, first port of call… Starbucks! I’m not jealous…

Finished daily cleaning, settling down to have a good mope now.

Funny memory day: Walked into store cupboard three times for new kitchen towels and forgot what I was after when I got there. Solved by taking old empty roll with me…

Lunch: A double handful of tomatoes, grilled in the microwave, on lightly buttered toast. I have so many tomatoes just now, gifted from neighbours up and down the lane, that I’m having to be inventive in finding ways to use them up.

After nap: No water. Anglian Water say they’ve just been notified that there’s a burst water main in the village and to phone back in a couple of hours to get an idea of how long it’ll be to fix. Great. I have half a kettle of water, and lots of juice and beer. If it runs on into the evening, though, I shall have to fetch a couple of bottles of water from the store in Spilsby.

Phone call from agent: the daughter of the X’s, our very bad neighbours, has expressed an interest in buying the house. Fortunately, she has not put her own property on the market so I was able to decline without resorting to the ‘hell freezes over’ line. Ashamed to say that the episode really upset me.

Water supply restored. Didn’t go thirsty, nor would I, but it does focus the mind. I’m not unmindful of the folks in New Orleans who have no water, or anything.



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