Notes of the day — Impressions and Jottings #3

Tuesday September 6, 2005

Slept poorly, worrying about the X’s daughter’s unwanted interest in the house, which, in an abandonment of reason, disturbed me more than I thought. Stupid. So, anyway, when I eventually dropped off it was to sleep in late, waking just in time to discover I’d missed a really luscious dew, looking like a stiff hoar-frost on the grass out on the paddock. It was already burning off when I drew the curtains. Like as not it’s a sign of another hot day ahead. Shall go out early to get Spilsby chores done, then back to sort out old files and wait for the telephone…

In the event, went to Boston instead, remembering just in time that the post office in Spilsby is closed on Tuesday. Had great difficulty finding a pair of socks in my drawer that I could get on my feet. In disgust, dumped all the old stock and, when I got into town, walked along to Marks & Spencer and reloaded my wardrobe with some nice soft lambswool socks. That was a good thing to do. Keeping socks until they stiffen up with repeated laundering and come to resemble concrete boots is a stupid, silly thing to do.

Walking out into the heat again, I caught a whiff of lunchtime food being cooked in several outlets around the square and was overcome by an impossible-to-ignore urge for fried chicken. Alas!

Back home. Hot. Hot beyond bearing. So I pulled all the curtains against the sun, sank a pint of orange juice (to cut the grease from the fried chicken) and took myself off to bed for the afternoon. Dolly took possession of her corner of the bed, and went soundly to sleep, her feet firmly in the air. She snores.

The phone rang shortly after 4:30, to Dolly’s great annoyance. It was the young lady from the agent, letting me know that the X’s daughter, when informed that we are not interested in showing the house unless the potential buyer at least has their property on the market, with a reasonable prospect of a sale, became abusive and ended by slamming the phone down. I’m impressed by the way our young agent lady handled this, and by her closing remarks. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “We’ll come up with a good buyer for you if it’s the last thing I do.” Can’t ask for more than that.

The impact of the terrible damage wrought on the Gulf cities and particularly on New Orleans grows, and grows wider. According to the BBC News site: “Environmental experts warn that human sewage and chemical pollution from the flooded city could create a second disaster if they are pumped out untreated into Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi.” They don’t mention the oil specifically, leastways, not as reported here. Thank goodness someone has seen this danger. I have a feeling that this will come to be seen as a major understatement, and that the pumping operation, if not handled properly, will cause an ecological disaster that’ll make the oil spill up in Alaska look small by comparison.

Seems Pres. Bush is going to head up the investigation into the incompetence of his own administration. American politics are difficult for a foreigner to understand.



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