Notes of the day — Impressions and Jottings #4

Wednesday September 7, 2005

Lazy. Strolling through a hot day. They say it’ll cool down somewhere around 16:00 this afternoon. Good. Need to cut grass.

Grass cut, clippings bagged and out by the kerb for collection tomorrow. Send Tufty badge.

Looked in fridge at planned dinner. Quiche and salad. Simply didn’t fancy it. Fortuntely, found bangers’n’mash in the freezer. Sometimes quiche simply isn’t enough.

Sat down to watch the original version of La cage aux folles on Sky Cinema 1, first time since I stalked out of a screening of the Hollywood ‘remake’ long, long ago. I’d quite forgotten what a brilliant, hilarious movie this is. About half-way through I found my French language skills had clicked in and, though they’re stale and inadequate, I was able to follow it without reverting to the subtitles. Which, when you’re wearing bifocals, is a liberation.



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