Notes of the day — Impressions and Jottings #5

Thursday September 8, 2005

Up early, popped diuretic and then waited for the second early so’s I could go to Tesco’s in comfort.

Good practice at the piano while I was waiting. Left hand now free and, almost, under control—now and then at random and for no obvious reason I depress a key fortissimo rather than piano. Strange result. Like Tourettes for Left Hand. Right hand reasonably deft but refuses to open for octave spread. No sign of improvement on this. Might need to investigate Buxtehude rather than Bach.

Huge queue at Tesco’s petrol station. Tried to see price but missed a clear sight line. Think it was at 89p per litre, but could have been 94p. Doesn’t bode well for the price of heating oil, which I need to order shortly.

Can’t remember the last time I tuned the radio to cricket and listened to ball-by-ball commentary on a Test Match. But. I do believe we are going to win the Ashes. This could easily turn a chap back to being a cricket enthusiast. Who’d have thought, after all these years?

It feels good not to be writing. Not the kind of good that’d lead me to put the pen aside on a permanent basis, but good for a holiday. Frees up a lot more hours in the day than I’d thought, too.

I’ve been conned into joining a ‘story a week’ exercise on the writing group—one new story each week, 300 to 7,000 words, for six weeks. I didn’t struggle too much. I owe the writing group a lot and it needs a kick in the writing area to get itself going again after a lull. I shall be aiming more towards the 300 word lower limit. The upper 7,000 is a lot of words, more than I think my hands can handle at present. The fact that I haven’t a single idea in my head doesn’t matter at all. I don’t have to start until Monday for the first one and I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up a particle before then. Wonderful the stories you see if you look for them.

Watched a documentary on ArtWorld—Claude Monet: Painter of Light. Stunning. If I ever did put the pen aside it’d be to pick up the brush.



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