Busy, busy

Wednesday September 14, 2005

Need to spend a couple of days catching up on other stuff. I seem unable just now to sit down at the computer without becoming engrossed and losing sight of time. Which is great but does tend to encourage the growth of a mountain of things that ought to have been done but haven’t.

To Stickney, taking G. for his monthly visit. Sat in car park while waiting. Reading Amy Tan. Being mildly irritated by subdued thumpy-thump music from another car. Must get over this reaction—noise pollution is a fact of modern life, and we may not be so quietly situated in future.

Good news: G’s bloods indicate he’s mended pretty well after his strokes and, together with encouraging results from physio/hydro therapy, leads his doctor to put him on a four-month reporting schedule rather than every 28 days. My reaction is to be delighted, and G. seems much cheered by it. Reflecting… not so sure. I think he needs someone in the medical care business to keep an eye on him rather more frequently and, when his physio programme is finished, he could so easily slip.

Home, and cutting grass. I got it done but it was a struggle. My energy levels are running low. Looking forward to seeing Graham, recharging, and getting closer to a more normal way of life.

Gratifying take on the rabbit wish story. I enjoyed writing it, and I have an idea for another, in the same situation, and, possibly, one or two following that. I’ll sit down to write the next on Friday and then we’ll have to see how it goes. Six similar stories, linked together with short narrative pieces and illustrated with pen and wash drawings of the visitors to my garden would make a rather nice little book. Might enjoy doing that. When my energy levels are restored.

The fuel ‘crisis’ fizzled out, for which I’m grateful. When you’re contemplating several long-distance road trips the last thing you need is worries about getting petrol. Goodness knows it’s bad enough being so expensive. There’s a forecast that the price may drop by 4p per litre next week. That’d be good.



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