Thursday September 15, 2005

Not at all pleased today to find that Boston was just about gridlocked when I tripped across to get my provisions. Crawled through to the town centre, parked, walked in the rain to Argos to get one more automatic timer, and again through to the retail park where I wanted to buy protective mats for the driver and passenger foot wells in the little silver Ford. No joy on that. Didn’t like what Halfords had to offer, and they seemed to be awfully expensive. I shall see what the giant store in Taunton has to offer.

Somewhat disappointed, I compensated by hopping next door to McDonald’s for my first burger meal since I’ve been on my own. Very tasty.

Thence to Tesco’s where I topped the tank up, and performed a more-or-less routine shop.

And then, home, over the country roads which, for the first half, were almost as badly jammed as those in town. Obviously the local intelligence system had got wind of the blockage in Boston and were taking alternative routes into and out of the town.

I honestly don’t think I’ve had a creative thought or a light moment all day. Except for a very satisfactory piano practice, that is. I seem to have hit a breakthrough point and am rattling off the minuet quite nicely now. My fingers are still inclined to stutter a little but I’ve learned to ignore the glitches and press on without losing time. I must get myself another piece on which to work now that I’ve mastered this one. Again, there’s a big music store in Taunton, so I’ll see what they have to offer the semi-geriatric pianist.



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