The same but slightly different

Somerset: Sunday September 18, 2005

Rest up day. Yesterday evening, when I’d recovered from the journey, I went over to Minehead for provisions and to tank up the car. Petrol is 5p a litre more expensive here than in Lincolnshire.

Driving through Williton was something of a time warp, and the only difference on the road is the proliferation of new speed limit signs. My impression is that most road users are driving slower than I remember. A great improvement.

This evening, Graham and I went down to Watchet. The place is much improved, and I found it gratifying to see the lift given to the town by the marina, which is now mature and stuffed with boats of all shapes and sizes.

It’s clear that the town has benefited from the inflow of marina cash as well as a small increase in jobs.

The process isn’t done yet but already it’s unfair to describe Watchet as a ‘dole city.’

Molly has retired and her harbour café is now under new ownership. The same, but slightly different.

So far, that’s how I would describe my old haunts after two and a half years absence—the same, but slightly different.

Graham loves the little silver Ford.



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