A gentle fugue or two

Somerset: Wednesday September 21, 2005

A lazy day, spent idling on the camp mostly, with only a quick dash out this evening to fetch food and wine to break a long stream of inactivity.

It’s been so long since I took a holiday I’ve almost forgotten how.

The sea air helps. The edge of the cliffs is only 100 yards away, and beyond that the sea. There’s been little in the way of surf since I’ve been here but as the tide ebbs and flows there’s a sussuration of sea on the shingle banks and muddy beach.

It’s fatal to sit quietly, listening to it. Takes no more than five minutes before my eyelids droop and I drift away, if not into sleep, at least into a fugue state.

Does you a power of good, does sea, sun, and a gentle fugue or two.



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