Monday October 3, 2005

Received feedback from yesterday’s viewers: “liked the house a lot, immaculate presentation, on top of parents’ list of must-views just as soon as they’ve secured an offer on their own property.”

For which I’m very grateful, and hopeful, and not at all disappointed. I left disappointed behind a long way back.

So, I vacuumed, dusted, wiped, went over to Tesco’s, and sat about the house being quiet and not making a mess.

I’m doodling at three stories just now, and a work-a-day poem. Nothing special. Mostly doodling. I like to doodle. No harm, or mess, in a good doodle.

A single haiku:


on hayayama
young benkai rang the bell


The beginnings of a joke:


Location:  Elizabethan dungeon, sometime in the 1500s
Time:  Late in the evening
Situation:  Two prisoners, exchanging notes
Man on rack:  How’s your day been, then?
Man in Iron Maiden:  Bit of a scream, actually. How about you?
Man on rack:  Well, you know… What doesn’t kill you makes you longer.



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