We are not alone

Sunday November 6, 2005

I’m left with a residual cough, diminishing in frequency and intensity every day, but other than that I have felt for the first time today that I’m actually over my cold. My system is busily clearing itself of the toxins left over from the long battle, my energy levels are rebuilding, and I no longer feel like a poor old wreck adrift on a bleak and rocky shore.

For the first time since Thursday I ventured out to do a little shopping, leaving poor Graham to stay home warm and dry and doing the best he can to catch up with me, get rid of his cough and cold, and overtake me on the road to recovery. He always does overtake me on these things.

I bought fresh vegetables and the makings of a chicken and a sausage casserole for today and tomorrow along with nice, comforting and sustaining puddings. Cans of soup. Fresh, crusty bread. Next time the emphasis will be on salad, fruit and vegetable stuff, with the intent of cleansing and rebuilding our battered systems.

Meantime, while waiting for Graham to recover, I have a mountain of laundry and other household chores to do. That’ll keep me busy tomorrow and, like as not, the day after that, too.

So, fingers crossed, I’m over it and life will return to normal very swiftly now. There’s always the possibility that I shall fall foul of yet another variety of the seemingly universal cold but, looking on the positive side, I feel stronger and more resilient right now than I have since mid-October so I’m in a better position to be able to shrug it off. Continuing the positive view, I noticed a distinct reduction in the number of people in the supermarket who were suffering, so it’s likely there’ll be fewer colds around waiting to be caught.

It’s a dreadful thought but we are not alone when it comes to these infections. We inhabit a common virus pool and I suspect that a communal recovery is required before the bugs give up for the season and we can rest easy once more.



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