Monday November 14, 2005

“OK, Dolly,” I said. “Time to get stuff done.”

She looked at me with no expression at all as if she didn’t understand a word I’d said or body languaged at her.

She knew what I was about when I pulled the vacuum out, though, and obligingly moved about the house so’s I could pick up all the fluff and dust as the first step towards pulling the house out of the doldrums into which it had fallen over the past few days. As I went on to wipe and dust, stopping short only of cleaning windows, the doldrums fell away from me as well.

It all feels a lot better.

When I’d done, I took a short nap after a light lunch, then hopped into the car for a trip to Tesco’s, picking up food not just for myself for today but for all of us tomorrow. I grabbed a tub of Tom & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, too, and a completely untypical small bag of Kettle’s sea salt and balsamic vinegar potato crisps. Not really as comfort food—I was already returning to a comfortable state—but as some kind of reward.

It was dark when I got back home so, when I’d stowed the provisions away I sat down in front of the telly to enjoy my ice cream and crisps, followed by a huge bowl of red grapes for balance.

That’s the word. Balance. I’m restored.



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