Staying home

Thursday November 24, 2005

Seems to be a time when there are lots of funny, laugh out loud lines about. Pick of the crop today, from the radio:

“It’s one thing reading his diary, but correcting his spelling mistakes…”

We woke under dull, drear skies, with a steadily increasing wind accompanied by blasts of sleet as the day wore on.

“Looks like the forecast might come true,” said Graham.

“Sure does. Like as not we’ll wake to a dusting of snow tomorrow.”

“Or a full-scale blizzard.”

“Nah. Not this time. Not here, anyway. We’ll have just enough to warn of things to come, I reckon.”

“How do you know that?”

“Me bones don’t hurt, and me nose doesn’t smell much in the way of snow.”

“Ah. Well, they’ve been right too often to ignore.”

“Even so, I’d like us to get a portable gas heater as precaution, in case we get any power cuts over the winter.”


“No. Soon as you get back from Somerset next week, though.”

“You’re on.”

That was the closest we got to going out today. Apart from a quick dash in the morning to put the trash out by the gate and another this evening to grab beer from the fridge in the garage, we stayed home in the warm. It’ll be much the same tomorrow, too, if I have anything to do with it. It’s unlikely we’ll have too much in the way of severe weather this time round but it’s still a silly time unnecessarily to be out and about judging by the number of siren-warbling ambulances I’ve heard today over the fields from the main road. That’s a variety of bell I really don’t fancy tolling for me.


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