Not much in the way of exciting

Monday November 28, 2005

The day started pretty smooth. I texted a status report to Graham at about 9 o’clock:




He came back almost immediately:




Texting isn’t conversation but it’s a worthy substitute when day-time telephone rates apply.

So, I pulled my book out and sat down to read. I’m romping through Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal at the moment, and enjoying it greatly. At this rate, given the need to sit quietly and not make a mess, I may well go on to the latest—Thud! and have it finished before Graham gets home and we can relax a bit.

Needless to say, there were no viewers. I know full well that if I simply let the dust gather and the Dolly-fluff accumulate on the carpets, Murphy’s Law would provide me with a nasty shock in the way of viewers. Or not. Whatever, it’s not something you can do.

I had to take a break sometime of course, so I lined up a few bits and bobs ready for eBay, and put the first of them up during the evening. I’ll trickle feed them one a day for the next few days.

I’ve been threatened with a bad attack of that awful sinking feeling that comes when there’s month left over at the end of the pension. It’s not really a problem—that’s what my savings account is for—but I hate it when this happens. Savings are not an infinite resource. It was a hang-over from the major outlay on heating oil that did it, of course, but that doesn’t make it easier to live with.

So I was really, truly thrilled when I got a letter from the Pensions Office today telling me I’d been awarded four hundred pounds winter allowance, free of tax. And, when I checked my bank account, there it was, right as rain. Yippee!

My savings account is safe for another month, possibly two.

Even so, with Christmas just around the corner, I think it’s time I got cracking on eBay again, not only to off-load accumulated clutter, but to sell some watercolour miniatures. I’ll review this one. I have a couple of recent paintings I might just decide I can part with, and there are still some fridge magnet blanks to use up. I’ll drag my pens and brushes out tomorrow when the reading palls, and get some practice done. Might need it, might not. I’ve not been doing much drawing recently.

And that was it, more or less. Not an exciting day, but it’s not really a time when I want much in the way of exciting.


Sunrise with seagulls



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