Quite exciting, really

Friday December 2, 2005

One of those quiet, recuperative days. Apart from a trip to the supermarket, we stayed home, catching up on trivia of course but, mostly, just resting.

I turned my attention to haiku once more, triggered by two recently observed moments:


small stream between snowy banks
     water loses light
     snow loses dark


over the field’s edge
     slip slide stationary
     small hawk hovers


One thing you can claim for haiku writing over raku making as a hobby is that it’s kinder on the environment. Even so, I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at raku again one day. I’m in need of a craft hobby suitable for arthritic hands.

Graham’s efforts have been concentrated on stripping down the 60s lamp ready for rewiring and a new shade. Acquiring a suitable shade is going to be interesting but we’re not in a rush. We’re both of a mind that the shade which came with the lamp base is unsuitable. Graham has a vision that it’ll do rather well with a tall, slender 60s teak lamp base I’ve had since, well, since the 60s. Might work, might not. At this rate we shall have two handsome lamps to replace two of the cheapo IKEA lamps we bought for this house shortly after we moved in and found ourselves short of suitable illumination. That’s a good thing.

It seems, according to the papers, that the house market is ‘bouncing back’, with signs of price rises once more. That’s a relief. I was thinking today that we may well have to settle for another summer with Graham in Somerset and me here to look after Dolly and continue with efforts to sell the house. We’d cope with that eventuality, of course, but it’s not a thought to relish and I’d very much rather get the house sale done before the start of the next summer season.

Meantime, we’re counting down the days to our Christmas breaks, to be spent firstly in Somerset and then, close to the actual holiday, back here in Lincolnshire for the festival itself. No clear dates yet so it looks as if I’ll simply have to disappear without warning when it happens. Quite exciting, really.



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