Time for the Christmas break

Sunday December 4, 2005

We had a splendid day today, from the ritual giving of birthday gifts to the celebratory dinner. The birthday boy was happy with it all, and that’s the important thing.

“Another year,” he said.

“Indeed. It’s been a good one.”

“Sure has. Can we have Christmas now?”

“Oh, yes, please. I’m about ready for Christmas, I reckon.”

“Lots of stuff to do.”

“That’s the way I like it.”

That is, indeed, the way I like it. I love the bustle in the towns and shops. I love being able to sing carols and Christmas songs. I love the feeling that there’s stuff to do in readiness for the celebration.

Most of all I love the opportunity to get back in touch with the real world, to share, to give, and to receive. I’ve spent far too much of the past twelve months sitting here at my desk and this is my chance to get out and recharge.

Apart from that, I’m feeling all written out, and I want to take a break from writing of all kinds, including the online journal. Strike that ‘want’. I need to take a break from writing.

So, as always, folks, thanks for reading. I’ll be back online sometime in the very early New Year with a new stock of stories and a recharged vigour quotient. No point in flogging a dead horse, I reckon.

Please, play well, live well, stay safe, and be happy. And whatever your persuasion, I wish you all the best for the festive season, and a very happy New Year. May peace fall upon us all.


Season’s Greetings



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