Memories of small blooms

Saturday January 7, 2006

It’ll not be long before the snowdrops show their nodding blooms. The first sturdy little spears showed their heads just before the snow, thrived under it, and have been quietly growing ever since. I’m so pleased that the small patch in the border has spread out and multiplied since last year when, not much later than this, I was trying desperately to find subjects for water colour sketches.

By their side the first daffodil shoots are showing and what might be bluebells, too, all lining up for a succession of spring flowers. Last year there were a couple of sickly crocus bulbs but I think the mice have probably got those. No matter. Once the snowdrops bloom there will be a steady and multiplying succession of flowers once more and, before we know it, spring will be well sprung once more.

For the moment, I have to be content with the greys, yellows and greens of the winter garden. Not a flower in sight, and heaven knows I’ve looked hard and close enough. In my next garden I shall do my best to plant a handful of winter flowering things so that even in this darkest time of the year there’s a tiny spark of colourful life here and there.

Meantime, I console myself with pictures, and memories, of the blooms I enjoyed in all those previous years. On Monday, when I go out shopping, I shall grab a bunch of something live and thriving and damn the expense.



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