Safe and warm

Tuesday January 10, 2006

We decided once more that a supermarket trip was to be avoided for another day.

“I’m sure I can rustle up a couple more meals from the cupboard and the freezer,” I said.

“Why, aren’t you feeling up to the mark either?”

“Nope. ‘fraid not. Nothing to entice me out there today, anyway.”

“I can see that.”

So we stayed home, listened to the gales bluster and the rain running in the gutters, and did our own quiet things safe, warm and happy enough.

Graham spent a couple of hours cursing and swearing at his computer, Motorola, and USB connections under Windows but he stuck at it until he found his way through the poorly signposted maze and then he crowed with success. He can now access files on his phone, including pictures, drag’n’drop them onto his PC, and vice versa.

“You ought to write down what you did as a script so’s you can share,” I said. “And against the next time you have to do it.”

“Nah. Takes all the fun out of it. Besides, it’ll all be different next time.”

“No doubt.”

I occupied my time fiddling with a new version of the online journal. Not sure if it’ll ever see the light of day but I have to do something about the great mass of archived entries and pictures. I have a hankering for a fresh start, leaving the old stuff spinning as is, frozen, and linked by a single pointer from the new version. I’m falling out of love with Flickr, too, and would really, really like to tackle a new, clean way of handling future pictures on my own site.

We shall see. Not today, though. Today was a day for staying home, safe and warm.


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