A small excitement

Wednesday January 11, 2006

We’ve been marking time, waiting for the house to sell, for over half a year now. It’s not the most exciting way to live, but it’s clean, warm and comfortable so I’ve no reason to complain. What it’s not is exciting. Not a lot of new stuff happens when you’re sitting around, not making a mess, and your world tends to collapse into a very small space, with external activities confined to shopping trips and with routes planned for least hassle, all with a mind to getting back to the house quickly should a viewer turn up. Again, I’m not complaining. Sure, I get restless now and then but mostly I accept the situation with a happy heart, and make the most of what it offers me.

So today, when we discovered a new, better, more accessible supermarket, it was an excitement. A small excitement, but entirely satisfactory.

It started when Graham announced a need for a new bottle of Night Nurse.

“They don’t sell that in Tesco’s,” I said. “We’ll need to get to a proper pharmacy.”


“Nah. It’s market day and we’ll spend ages looking for a parking space. Tell ya what. We could try the new Tesco’s in Skegness, and call in at the chemist’s in Spilsby on the way.”

“Fair enough.”

Not only did he get his Night Nurse, needed to combat the night-time coughing his cold has left him with, but he spied a pair of bent-wood dining chairs in the second-hand shop by the market square and negotiated a good deal for them. They fitted into the car boot nicely, and are destined to be transported down to the caravan in Somerset some time before the start of the season.

Though it was cold, the sun was shining brightly for the first time since the turn of the year and it was a joy to be out on the open road again. They’ve completed the by-pass around Partney, ahead of schedule, so the drive to Skegness is easier than it was, and we negotiated the strange one-way system through the town and to Tesco’s without too much trouble, too.

“I like the look of this,” I said, as we pulled into a vacant disabled parking spot just by the main door. “They’ve thought about it.”

Inside, I was pleasantly surprised to find the store had been designed and laid out for the easiest possible transit, a good coffee shop and cheerful, friendly staff. They smile at you! And not only the staff, either. The customers seem to have a ready smile, too.

“Shame we didn’t choose Skegness as a location,” Graham said.

“Wouldn’t have been right for us then. It would be now, though.”

Anyway. We had lunch or, at least, I had lunch while Graham had a pre-lunch snack, being determined to consume a large quantity of brie and crusty bread when we got home, and I managed a very successful four-day provisioning tour. We even managed to pick up replacement ink cartridges for the printer and an audio CD for Graham’s bar.

“Well, I count that completely successful,” I said. “I don’t think I’ll be doing Tesco’s in Boston too often in future.”

“It does seem an easier, quicker trip. And the people are really friendly, too. I’ll give it five.”

“I’ll give it 4.5.”

“You’re mean.”

“Mayhap. ‘ere, take a snap of the store front for me, willya?”

“I was just thinking the same thing.”

Back home, after lunch and a well-earned nap, I settled down once more to noodling at my website and Graham played with the pictures he’s taken with his new phone. [It’s a Motorola V3X, with a 2mpx camera, for those who like to know these things.]

I’m not sure of the best way to declutter the website yet but the determination is there and the time is right. Especially since the new Tesco’s is going to release a bit of time and effort from now on.

And there you go. A small excitement, to be sure, but a happy-making one nonetheless.


The ‘new’ Tesco’s
Taken with Graham’s new phone cam



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