That’s the way to do it

Thursday January 12, 2006

One of the non-essential things we picked up yesterday was a cheap bunch of iris, four stems and a bit of greenery, all buds and promise but no actual blooms. Popped ’em in a vase on the windowsill and forgot about them.

Today, another bright, sunny day, the combination of light and warmth brought the first flower out and it shone beautifully right where it catches the eye. Outside it was a bitterly cold day, sun or not, so the effect was as uplifting as I knew it would be.

“Are you going to take a photograph of it?” Graham asked.

“I’ll wait until tomorrow in hope the bloom will be fully open. Why don’t you try your phone cam on it?”

A little while later, as a happy silence had fallen over the house as we settled to our morning activities, a great yell of glee came from the general direction of Graham’s computer.

“Come and have a look at this!”

You can’t ignore a call like that, can you? I heaved myself out of my chair and poddled through the kitchen and into the second bedroom where Graham keeps his system. There, on the screen, was one of the best iris flower studies I’ve seen for a good long while. The quality, when you consider the camera, was astounding, demonstrating the old, old maxim that a steady hand and a good eye are far more important than expensive photographic gear.

“Wow!” I said. “Go on like that and you’ll have to start a photoblog.”

“Might just do that.”

“Meantime, can I have a copy to show in my journal? Brightens the whole winter world, does that picture, and I know a lot of people who’ll love it.”

“Sure. I’ll pop it in your shared documents file.”

And, with a couple of clicks and an invisible buzz of the wireless network that connects our two systems, there it was. I was just settling to the task of Photoshopping it ready for the web when the phone rang.

“Good morning Mr Bailey. This is M. from the agents. There’s a couple of house hunters parked at the end of your drive asking if they can come in to view. They’ve sold their house in Yeovil and are in a hurry.”

“Gulp! Yes, of course. Could you ask them to give us five minutes, please, and I’ll go out to greet them soon as we’re ready.”

“Consider it done.”

Graham was already rushing around tidying up, and I joined him. No time to clean and dust, of course, but the place was in a reasonable state so I wasn’t too much bothered. When people come at such short notice they have to make allowance, and the woman was kind enough to compliment me on a nice clean house, especially in the circumstances.

They were very taken with the house, ready as it is to move in and start living as opposed to the house they’d just viewed where an entire programme of work was needed before it would suit them.

“What do you think?” Graham asked as they motored off down the lane.

“Wouldn’t like to say,” I said. “But it’s clear that the market is on the move when you get calls like that. It’ll sell before much longer, chances are.”

“I think you’re right. Proves the ‘for sale’ sign works, too.”

“Yup. Time we got our act together and started getting ready to move in earnest. Stuff to sell. Stuff to dump.”

“Ok. Tomorrow. Now I want lunch and a nap. Get rid of the last of this cold.”

“That’s the way to do it.”


An Iris in the window
Taken with Graham’s new phone cam


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