Fits and starts

Friday January 20, 2006

Rather an odd day, all ups and downs. Not that the downs were particularly down. They would like as not have passed for normal if it hadn’t been for the way the ups were, well, very up.

Best thing to do is to tell it straight. I popped the first fluoxetine tablet of the course with my morning diuretic, washed the pair of them down with a mug of good hot coffee, and then settled in to my morning writing session. Then I took myself off for what has recently become a habitual mid-morning nap.

Except I couldn’t. Nap, that is.

So, up I got, and pressed on with the business of the day, feeling all bright and sprightly. I had a lapse in energy just before lunch, which was restored by a small plate of poached egg on toast. Graham had a large plate of poached egg on toast.

It’s handy, having a fit, energetic younger bloke around the place when you need to keep watch on your diet. I long since worked out what size portion, and what foods suit him. The same foods suit me, but I do my best to have roughly half the portion size. Doesn’t always work, of course. Like, with ice-cream. And chocolate. Just thought I’d mention that, in passing.

Anyway. After lunch, habit took me off to bed once more, for my afternoon nap. I slept fine but, Lo and behold, instead of my habitual two or three hours, I was wide awake once more after just one hour, ready to take on the world.

Another energy gap hit me round about five in the evening but I managed to get through that one by means of a large, strong coffee and a half-hour with my book.

Didn’t suffer any kind of energy gap after dinner, so I sailed on, keeping busy. Finally, at about ten-thirty, someone turned the gravity switch up, I drooped, and that was it for my day. I hit the pillow, sighed happily, and was asleep before the sleep function on my bedside radio switched Radio Four off for the night when its customary fifteen minute setting cut in.

On reflection, I’m sure it was entirely psychosomatic. Fluoxetine doesn’t kick in that fast, not in my experience, anyway. Or, perhaps, starting it so late in the SAD season, my seratonin production, starved of whatever it needs, jumped in and started running as soon as the Prozac hit the ground. In fits and starts. Who knows?

One of the things I did during the energy-filled periods was to get another three items up on eBay—a Fiesta ware jug, the dear old cake stand, and a once-played DVD of Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. The Grundig radio needed a small repair to a piece of trim, though, and is too large to sit comfortably on the counter where I usually take the photographs so it’ll have to wait for tomorrow and a bit of good light on a windowsill.

Graham brought down all the boxes from the loft in the garage, filled with stuff. Some of them we packed up during the last de-clutter, containing things we want to keep for display in a house that’s not for sale. One of them, however, a large one, is filled with plastic kitchen storage containers. It survives not just from the last move, but from the one before. I cannot imagine what we were thinking, schlepping empty plastic boxes from Somerset to Wales, and on to Lincolnshire. I’ll sort through them and then put them up for Freecycle. Another box contains a collection of brass oil lamps we most certainly shall not need, or want, ever again. They’ll go to eBay. I have some busy days ahead.

I’ve asked Graham to bring down the stuff from the loft in the house for a similar ruthless pruning. That way everything will be at ground floor level so I can start on packing it all up carefully ready to go into storage. He’s off to Somerset for ten days or so at the end of the month and I want to spend that time doing preliminary packing. If today is anything to go by I shall have energy to spare. In fits and starts, of course.



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