A bit of reserve in the energy department

Sunday January 29, 2006

“There,” I said, smoothing down the last piece of packing tape. “All packed up and ready to mail.”

“You’re going to need a hand with that lot.”

“I’d certainly appreciate it.”

“Ok, then. Boston, tomorrow?”

“You got it.”

It’s certainly easier, when you’ve a stack of eBay packets to post, to be able to do it in one trip. Otherwise you have to queue in the post office repeatedly, returning to the car between each batch. I can take one standing in line exercise quite happily, reading all the notices. Second and subsequent times become increasingly tiresome.

I’ve not done so badly, so far. Taken together with reader donations, I’m about one sixth of the way towards the laptop. If I can keep it up, I shall be able to go for the IBM Thinkpad that Graham, after extensive research, says will be best for me. And without needing to dip to deeply into savings, too. There are several weeks worth of eBaying to do, at the rate of one or two items each weekday, and the Adsense clicks seem to have settled down to a steady but very worthwhile trickle.

I’m coming round to the thought that a laptop with a sturdy keyboard will suit me very well. My desktop machine is starting to show its age and I’m beginning to find the way it ties me to the desk a little irksome. With a laptop I can go anywhere in the house, or garden, and have something more interesting than the same picture and the same piece of wall to look at while I work. I could even go out in the summer and work in the park if the fancy grabbed me.

We shall have to see how things pan out. I know that Graham would welcome the chance to take my older desktop, and his newer one, acquire a few bits and pieces extra, and build a supermachine to act as the household hub, ready for TV, video and radio to join the network.

That’s for the longer term, though. For now, I’ve enjoyed a lazy weekend, building up energy for the week ahead. You need a bit of reserve in the energy department when you’re waiting around for house selling things to happen.



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