That’s the way we like it

Monday January 30, 2006

“Nothing in the post today,” I said.

“Good. No news is good news. Boston?”

“Sure thing.”

Monday morning must be a good time to visit Boston. At least, it was today. I found a nice wide disabled parking spot close by the post office and, once Graham had helped with the parcels and then slid off about his own business, I stood very happily in line chatting merrily with a woman who recognised a fellow-eBayer when she saw one. Alright, the servotron on the counter position I used was not so friendly, working to the script, but the impact even of that was lessened as each packet came off the scale within individual mailing budgets. I smiled happily at her but she didn’t respond. I don’t think they have smiles in their scripts.

Outside, the sun shone, and I was on good form. From the post office it’s a very short step across to Costa Coffee. When my legs are bad I find that to be a real blessing but today, feeling more energetic, I took a quick turn around the memorial gardens before dropping in for coffee and a toasted all-day-breakfast sandwich. I was just settling down at a table to wait, when Graham turned up, smiling and equally pleased with his business.

“You’re looking happy enough,” I said.

“Yeah. Got what I wanted. What are you having?”

“I got a large americano and a toasted sandwich coming along.”

“I think I’ll settle for a muffin.”

“You’ll be sorry. You’re always jealous when I have a toasted something and you don’t.”

“Nah. I’ll just pinch a bit of yours.”

“Fair enough. I don’t really need a whole sandwich to myself.”

“You can have a bit of my muffin if you like.”

“Well, you’re safe there. You know what I think of coffee shop muffins.”

“True. Turned out nicely again, hasn’t it?”

“That’s the way we like it.”

And it was, too. Nothing like a smooth business transaction, a shared sandwich and a bit of sunshine, is there?



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