Waiting for the phone to ring

Thursday February 16, 2006

“If we stay home again today will you be able to feed us?” Graham asked.

“Oh, yes. Eggs for lunch, pasta for dinner, no problem. Why?”

“I’m feeling a lot better but it looks cold out there and I think we’d both of us benefit from another day in the warm.”

“Well, there is a very cold wind out there. Near froze the top of my head off when I put the trash out. Ok. We’ll stay home for another day.”

And that’s what we did. Actually, a large part of our reluctance to go out comes from the feeling we should stay close to the phone in case we’re needed to approve exchange of contracts.

Which is silly. The solicitor has my mobile phone number and isn’t frightened to use it. And, at this stage, the delay of a few hours while we go off shopping is going to make no difference at all. Things may get fraught if exchange is delayed until the very end of the month but now, in mid-February, there really is no urgency or need for constant alert.


You can’t help it, can you? I’ve been nursing the house sale along for so long now that, as we get close to finally clinching the deal, I can’t help but want to be on the spot as the pot comes to the boil. Or, perhaps even more so, I’d much rather be home than out and about should the pot be shoved back away from the flame once more as the deal fails.

It’s a teeter-totter time, to be sure.

We’ll come to our senses tomorrow, like as not, and get our bodies out for an airing. Today, though, on several counts, we felt safer to stay home and even though the phone didn’t ring I don’t reckon it as wasted time.

My thoughts have been directed to the two-way problem of Internet connectivity when we’re living in the caravan, needing to push my techno-fear away into the background while I get to grips with the complexities of remote computing.

So far as the proposed laptop is concerned, there is no problem. It’s fully Intel Centrino compliant, and the back panel is stuffed with connectivity options. Additionally, it comes with a Vodaphone card that sticks in the side and provides an on-demand connection, paid for at the rate of two pounds per megabyte with no ‘line rental’ or complicated tariffs.

That’s fine. I can understand that. The questions that occupy me are, firstly, with what aspect of the Internet precisely does the card connect? Is it a new ISP, giving me full Internet access, including FTP to my online website so I’ll be able to update the online journal on a daily basis? Secondly, what service does my present ISP offer that will allow me to suspend or cancel the existing broadband contract while still giving me email service, preserving my email addresses ready for reconnection when we get to the new house?

I know I’m being silly and that it’ll all be resolved with a call to Vodaphone and another to British Telecom, but my experience informs me I need to ask the right questions in order to obtain the appropriate answers and I’m not convinced I know enough yet either to ask the questions or fully to understand the answers. I find myself in a classic state of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt on this issue and I’m feeling mighty uncomfortable about it.

It’s hard to believe that the situation is unique, however, and I’ll keep on plugging away at the problem until I get it sorted. Helps keep my mind occupied while we’re waiting for the phone to ring.



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