The lilies will come along soon enough

Sunday February 19, 2006

Each day now the sky lightens earlier and the sun rises further back along the hedge towards its spring and summer position. Winter ain’t over yet but the days are noticeably longer and average temperatures just that little bit warmer.

Along the hedgerows there are more and more patches of snowdrops niddy-nodding in the breeze and, to my great joy, the tiny colony in my garden of these first real signs of spring is showing blooms once more. Sadly, my knees aren’t cooperating this year and try as I may I can’t get down low enough to take a photograph. I think that in the next garden I shall start a colony of the little beauties in a container that I can lift up to my level. In fact, container gardening is more and more attractive to me as a flower photographer.

Checking my journals for this time last year I find that I was being a lot more productive and industrious than I am just now. On several fronts. While it’s no excuse I can say in my defence that sitting around waiting for a house sale isn’t exactly conducive to creative work. Or even creative thinking.

I drift through the days, waiting for events to start moving and to get me moving with them. Apart from the times when I find myself whining that there’s nothing worth watching on TV, I don’t feel too badly about it. Sometimes I just sits…

You could say that I’m considering the lilies of the field, though it’s actually snowdrops at the moment. The lilies will come along soon enough, just mark my words.



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