You can’t have everything

Friday March 3, 2006

Some days it seems that all the significant events pile up towards the evening, just when you should be shutting down, getting ready for dinner and deciding what to do with the last of the day.

Today’s events were on the mild side of significant but each was accompanied by a wild yippee! One from Graham, and one from me.

Mine came first, after a long quiet day of plodding methodically along, filing, and then sifting through all the domestic files, removing all outdated documents and consigning them to the shredder. I gave voice to my yippee! as I fed the last piece into the shredder. Might not seem terribly significant but all the files are now in first-class order and all I have to do for the rest of our time here is to be diligent and keep them so. The significance of this? It means that when it comes to sending out change of address and account closure letters I can go through the files one at a time, pull out the address details, and zap off a communication to each of them. Should take me no more than an hour at most.

Graham’s was an equally gleeful yippee! He’s been busy eBaying his old mobile phones and the first of them ended about seven thirty with a flurry of bids, bringing the selling price up to maximum. He was methodical about it, too, despite his glee at his first eBay sale in years, and packed the thing up neatly for posting tomorrow. He has another that will finish tomorrow evening, with one bid and eleven watchers.

He’s caught the bug, and I found him wandering about the house, muttering, and poking about in the back of cupboards and drawers.

“What’s up, doc?” I asked.

“Looking for stuff to sell.”

“Know the feeling. Found anything?”

“Not really. You seem to have done a good job clearing out the surplus stuff.”

“You could always sell that old Grundig radio.”


“Yeah. I know that feeling, too.”

“Of course, we shouldn’t be doing this. We should be packing.”


“Well, certainly by the end of the weekend.”

“Gosh,” I said. “What’s to be first, then?”

“Garage and workshop. Get the grotty bit done first.”

“Sound thinking, bat person.”

So, anyway, we settled down, cooked dinner, and decided to watch The Curse of the Were Rabbit for the second time, going on to view the deleted scenes that are an added delight on the end of the first DVD. We decided to keep the second DVD of goodies for another time. No point in eating all the choccies in the box in one go.

Graham took on the task of carting the after dinner trash out to the bins.

“It’s been snowing,” he said.

I peered out of the kitchen door to see there’d been a light fall, all glistening in the lamp light.

“Smashing snow, Gromit,” I remarked.

He did the Gromit roll of the eyes heavenward. Rather well, actually. Spoiled it by going on to remark on my aged foolishness but you can’t have everything.


Neighbours and old lace



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