Nothing like a good giggle to cheer you up

Tuesday March 7, 2006

Every now and then, not too often thank goodness, I have what I’ve come to call a ‘bad diuretic day’. I pop my morning Bumetanide and, instead of the manageable few trips to the loo, my system seems to go into overdrive, voiding more than just excess liquid, to the point where I am rapidly dehydrated, with all the attendant symptoms. Not very nice.

I’ve consulted the medics about it, been reassured, and given a supply of rehydration salts which, disolved in water, work in a few hours to get me back into balance. No great problem except that I’m rendered tired beyond reasonable levels, and sometime a little dizzy when the attack is particularly severe.

I take it as a signal that I’ve let my exercise levels drop below the point where input and output of food and liquids are in equilibrium and, for the next few days, extend my walks until I’m back to normal, modifying my diet to assist. It’s not much fun, but it’s the price you’re liable to have to pay as you get older after a lifetime of self indulgence. Much better than the alternative.

So, today, when the dizzies hit me like a limp haddock, I slurped a glass of foul-tasting rehydration salts and took myself off for a mid-morning nap. Lunch, more rehydration salts, and another nap. The episode was over and done with by seven o’clock this evening and I began to feel better very rapidly, enjoying my reduced size dinner and only half a glass of beer. I even cut down the coffee. By bedtime I was back to normal.

A sensible chap would keep a much closer eye on things, anticipate the problem, and take evasive action in advance.

I’ve never claimed to be consistently sensible, however, and there are times when I let things slip. No-one to blame but myself.

“You’ve not had a good day today, have you?” Graham observed.

“Could be worse.”

“Poor old chicken. Tell you what, let’s watch that second disc of the Wallace and Gromit set. That’ll cheer you up.”

True. It did. I sat giggling helplessly, slightly salty tears running down my cheeks. Nothing like a good giggle to cheer you up and get things back in balance.



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