A smile in my step

Wednesday March 8, 2006

Towards mid-afternoon the phone rang and Sally asked Graham if we would authorize her to go ahead and exchange contracts later today or tomorrow, to complete on April 10, without asking in advance. “Everyone’s about ready,” she said.

“Yes, please,” said Graham.

And then we both knocked on wood and pretended to be cool, calm and collected. Just as well, because Sally’s office closing time came and went without the expected phone call.

“You owe me 5p,” Graham said some little while later.

“You’ll have to take it out of my bag yourself,” I said. “I’m too busy biting my nails.”

“You don’t bite your nails.”

“No, I know, but I would if I did.”

So, as cool as we can be, we’re still playing the waiting game. It’s getting close, though, and we’re both poised over the ‘GO’ button, ready to leap into action.

It’s turned mild, thankfully, and the ice has disappeared from the pond under the gentle blessing of a constant light drizzle. Earlier in the day I had to go into Spilsby to collect medication and, ignoring the rain, strode out joyfully, into the surgery and then back and over to the Co-op for milk and bread. Feeling good again, and there’s a smile in my step.



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