Fun takes a day off

Thursday March 9, 2006

The maintenance of optimism in the face of a slow house conveyance is not the easiest of things to achieve. Thus far we’re doing pretty well but our patience is showing signs of strain.

Today’s bad news was when we learned that a bit of carelessness in the paper shifting department at the beginning of the three link chain will result in another delay, of three or four working days, before we exchange contracts, taking us into next week.

It’s not fatal but it does have the effect of taking another chunk of slack out of the critical path, leaving precious little more before the house move changes from being a nice, relaxed affair to one of sheer panic.

So, we’ve started packing. The workshop is fully disassembled and packed away, and the contents of the garage are on course to be packed into bins and boxes by the end of play tomorrow. A cold snap with probability of heavy snow is forecast for the weekend, so our plan is to complete outside work before that, shifting our efforts into the house, to start with book, CD and video packing. We’ll review our position on Monday.

Tomorrow I shall direct my efforts into restoring a spirit of fun to our life. Today, fun has taken a day off.



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