High hopes

Sunday March 19, 2006

Well, the packing is done. Everything that can be packed without leaving us with an inoperative home has been packed, the cardboard boxes stacked neatly in the third bedroom, and empty boxes are stacked ready to take the day before the move packing operation, leaving us with the bare minimum needed for an overnight stay in an empty house after the move itself.

The place looks as if a minor explosion has taken place, and we’ll need to have a major tidy-up and clean tomorrow before the moving company representative visits at lunch time on Tuesday to give us a quotation for the move into storage, storage rates, and the eventual delivery down to Somerset.

We’re ready.

Neither of us is willing to give voice to what the hell we shall do if the sale fails to come through and, strictly speaking, there’s no need to do so. There is no sign that anyone in the chain is thinking of dropping out and the professionals involved are satisfied that all the pre-contract formalities are completed and ready to go. All it needs is for one very slow solicitor somewhere in Wales to sit at his desk long enough to get the job done. The other two solicitors in the chain are urging him to do so, in the strongest of terms.

Even so, human nature being what it is, we can’t help but wonder, privately, if there isn’t a black cloud hovering on our horizon. No-one likes to feel helpless and it’s certainly not a feeling that sits easy with either Graham or myself.

Hey ho. What will be will be.

Dolly the Mega-cat has finally worked out the way to cope with it all. As floor areas have been cleared, leaving empty spaces of suitably mega-cat proportions, she’s developed a new routine, keeping a catnip mouse in each area and giving them all a jolly good trouncing at intervals throughout the day. She’s also come to the realization that her tame monkeys are only too happy to dole out attention whenever called on to do so. And she’s taking full advantage of it. We are helpless in this respect, too. The difference is that we don’t mind. At all.

Outside, there’s just a hint that temperatures have lifted a tad. The wind has dropped a little, too. Several times during the day there has been the suspicion of a smear of sunshine pushing through the cloud. It could be that the season is about to turn at last.

Tomorrow is the actual Spring equinox, beyond which day becomes longer than night, marking the point at which the annual warming of the Northern hemisphere begins in earnest. Doesn’t much look like it from my window, not at the moment, but I have high hopes.



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