A worthy subject

Tuesday March 21, 2006

I think I may have discovered one of the reasons why lumberjacks in North America invented those heroic log rolling and leaping games. It was boredom.

See, there you have a river full of logs, moving slowly as the water levels rise but even so they are stuck well and truly until the jam can be cleared. What else is a bored lumberjack to do but prod and poke the mass here and there while waiting for the rush, inventing fun games on the way?

Our personal log jam moved a little today. Not a lot, and not to the desired end, but it did move. The message we received at the end of the day amounted to: “Should happen tomorrow.”

Which leaves me wondering, idle and not a little bored, what shall we do with all these “tomorrows?”


“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time…”
William Shakespeare: Macbeth


So I sit in my corner, bored with today, and tomorrow, and wondering if I shouldn’t take a bywater, to drift through all my yesterdays. Trouble is, I seem to have spent far, far too many of my yesterdays waiting for tomorrow.

Ach, to hell with it. Nothing we can do about it.

Graham turned his attention to the manufacture of two shades for his most recent additions to the lamp collection, having had no luck in tracking down the particular shades he wants.

He’s not tried his hand at this particular craft before, but he’d read about it, and pumped me for my memories of the way people used to do it in the post-war years when you had to pay a 66.6% sales tax on luxury goods but not on the component parts. An awful lot of crafts were resurrected back then, only to wither away as prosperity returned.

I’m not sure my hazy memories were much use to him but even so, he spent a couple of very happy hours this evening making the first of the pair, learning on the way. The result is really rather good, and he’ll make the second tomorrow.

Another of those tomorrows… No matter. I’ll take a photograph of the lamps when they’re done and then they’ll be packed up ready to move down to the caravan.

Today’s photography centred on Dolly the Mega-cat. A worthy subject.


What do you mean, “Look behind you?”
Dolly the Mega-cat, and friend



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