The most splendid day

Thursday March 23, 2006

Sailing close to the wind suits us. We started the day in good spirits, had them lifted considerably by a trip out to Boston on what has been a lovely sunny day, and continued in similar style all the way through. I touched base with our buyers this evening, as promised, to find them hopeful and still hanging on. No news from the professionals in the chain of course but then we didn’t really expect to hear from them whilst the crucial documents are in transit.

Hopefully, tomorrow will see things back on track, solicitors will talk to one another, and an exchange of contracts will be deemed to have taken place. If it doesn’t, I shall stand by my word, and postpone completion until the last week in April. I’ve never been a good card player; bluffing doesn’t come easily to me.

Driving along the river bank on the way to Boston the sun glittered off the water like a particularly luminescent Monet. I’d love to sail a sporty little dinghy on that stretch, as close to the wind as I could manage. Of all the things I can no longer do, river sailing in a small boat is the one I miss the most.

All together, now… “Hey ho.”

It really has been the most splendid day.



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