Wednesday March 29, 2006

We were set to drive over to Leicestershire again today, to return the chairs Graham bought the other day and which have turned out not to be as described. Sadly, the seller was busy in her garden and didn’t hear the phone so we were unable to confirm the date until it was too late to undertake the four hour drive there and back. We’ve fixed another date and time.

While Graham was dealing with that, I took a call from our buyer, who told me, with regret, that she’d issued an ultimatum to her buyer, on whom the whole chain has rested and who has held the whole thing up. “Fine,” I said. “I’d do exactly the same and it might just jolt the dolt.”

A flurry of phone calls ensued and, lo and behold, a new completion date was confirmed, and exchange promised.

Then I checked with our solicitor, who’d just been keyed in. “If that date is okay with you, John,” she said, “we can exchange today. Or tomorrow.”

“Oh, Sally, we’ve had so many of those ‘or tomorrows’. Any chance of pushing it through today?”

“I’ll check, and let you know,” she said. “You are right. There have been far too many ‘tomorrows’.”

I put the phone down with some relief. It was quite hot.

“Did you get the gist of all that?” I asked Graham, who’d been listening in the most agitated of manners.


“You said it, buster. Let’s settle down for the day and see how it all pans out.”


A little while later I announced an attact of the wearies and, shortly before eleven I took the phone off to bed with me for a nap.

“You will wake to take the call, won’t you?” Graham asked, capable of full verbal communication once more.

“You may rely on it.”

I snuggled down, phone on one side and Dolly the Mega-Cat on the other and dropped off immediately. Graham, so he tells me, spent the time pacing up and down between kitchen and dining room.

Somewhere around noon the phone rang, I woke, swung my feet to the floor and answered the darn thing.

“Do you have the champagne and crackers ready, John?” Sally asked.

“You mean…?”

“Yes, we’ve just exchanged contracts.”

When we’d recovered I phoned the removals firm to fix the date on which our effects will be collected and taken off into storage. Then I filled in the Post Office mail redirection form ready to take into Spilsby tomorrow.

“There,” I said. “That’s all I can take today. We’ll start on the rest of it tomorrow. Lunch?”


Reader’s note:  My thanks to everyone for sticking with me, and for all the good wishes to the three of us. It’s been fraught but we’re happy now, our move to Somerset is assured, and we’ll be established there by the end of April. Coincidentally, the second tranche of advertising revenue ended up in my laptop account today, so we’ll order the beast s.a.p. There may be a couple of missed entries on the actual moving days (two of them) but otherwise I plan to keep the daily postings running all the way through the move, settling into the caravan, house hunting in Somerset, and on and on. More on that, and everything else, as events unfold. Thanks again.



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