Dolly does a good miffed

Saturday April 1, 2006

25 days to M-day

When you’ve stopped at home all day waiting for a delivery that doesn’t come you do, with the best will in the world, feel just a little bit put upon. When, at six p.m., you look at the clock and decide they’ll not come today and, incidentally, notice for the first time that it’s been All Fool’s Day, you’re entitled to feel that it’s just possible you’ve been had.

So, anyway, my new laptop is sitting in the Amtrak depot in Lincoln, waiting to be brought over here and placed in my eager hands ‘some time before 6 p.m.’ on Monday. I shall have to cultivate the depths of my patience until then. Obviously ‘next day delivery’ doesn’t include the weekend so far as Amtrak is concerned.

Actually, I’m not truly upset at the non-delivery. We both have stacks of stuff to do and the time wasn’t wasted. What does offend me is being obliged to stay home for no good reason. Just now, as the boxes accumulate in our living space and much of what makes a house a home disappears for the duration, it’s good to get outdoors once a day.

Today we cut the grass, emptied the contents of the loft into the living room, and caught up with the laundry. All good, productive stuff.

Somewhere around mid-morning I came to a sudden understanding of what the removal firm want of me in the way of detailed acceptance, and zapped off the appropriate email, clicking the ‘high priority’ and ‘receipt requested’ buttons. Getting that job done was a considerable relief.

I went on to contact our ISP by email, asking how I can suspend or modify the broadband account whilst retaining webmail facilities and our existing email addresses against the establishment of a new ADSL connection in the next house. Isn’t it astonishing how often those carefully crafted lists of FAQs don’t quite cover the exact situation that drives you to consult them?

Then I got myself geared up to tackle the long list of people who need to be notified of our change of address. It’s not so long, really, nor is it at all daunting once the right, methodical, cast of mind is achieved.

Dolly the Mega-cat, with little grace and no good temper, moved from place to place around the house as her favourite nesting spots were moved, covered, or packed away. We’ve left a few safe and comfortable places for her of course but there’s no way she’ll use them while we watch, or admit to any condition other than being extremely miffed. Lordy but she does a good miffed when she has a mind for it.



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