Amen to that

Wednesday April 5, 2006

21 days to M-day

“We forgot to take one thing to the dump,” I said.

“What’s that, then?”

“My old office chair,” I said, heaving myself out of the poor thing to reveal it in its raggedy state of general dilapidation. “We can’t put this into store.”

“Did you say you have to go shopping tomorrow?”

“Yes. To see us into the weekend.”

“Right. We’ll do it in Skegness, then, and catch the dump on the way.”

“That’ll do it. I can use my old rocking chair to tide me over. I’ve always liked working in my old rocking chair.”

“Just watch out for Dolly’s tail.”

“We’ll manage. She’s a canny cat when it comes to her tail.”

Actually, it was dear old Harry Cat who put the rocking chair into disrepute. As he grew older he liked to sit around my feet and we had several narrow escapes when he snuggled up against the rail of the chair. We put the thing aside several years back, stored in the garage, where it has languished ever since. I shall welcome the return of the chair but nowhere near as much as I’d welcome dear old Harry. Our much-loved furry companions leave a hole in the heart that never quite fills when they end their journey with us.

And I shall not miss this horrid old office chair one little bit.

Graham’s day was spent in organising and condensing piles of boxes, and finding the last bits to be packed, up to and including the pump and filter from the pond, which is destined to be pressed into use in a fish-less lily pond in the next garden. During tea and coffee breaks he’s been poring over a water garden catalogue that came, fortuitously, through the post the other day.

“If you do a lily pond and I do rose beds the next garden will be a pretty place in no time at all,” I said, peering with considerable approval at an illustration he’d found of a formal, decking-edged pond with a seating area at one end.

“We shall have to try and stay long enough to build a garden, then.”

“Amen to that.”

Reader’s note:  I shall be off the air now for three days while we manage the removal of patio plants and establishing Graham in the Somerset caravan for the next two weeks. Back on Sunday. Play safe, and we’ll make best efforts to do the same.



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