A dulled brain

Saturday April 15, 2006

11 days to M-day

Moving house dulls the brain. At least, it seems to dull my brain, on some days.

Today I decided was to be the day for a final attack on the paper and clerical work I need to get done before the move, immediately following the move to the caravan and then, at the end, to be done in the new house to establish us as bona fide citizens once more.

I’m horrified at the amount of paper we need to carry with us and keep in the caravan, and the clerical tasks needed to enable our purchase of a new home while we’re in temporary accommodation. It’s all down to this big bogey man of identification, constructed under the cloak of controlling money laundering, and in the name of ‘homeland security’. It’s almost a case of being that, if I can’t prove our identity we’ll not be able to buy a house, and we’ll not be able properly to prove our identity until we’ve bought a house.

So I’ve been through all the files, checking that I have done the changes of address and pulling out the paper we’ll need for identification purposes while living in the caravan. I went on to construct three lists of the things I need to do, one for each stage of the move.

It took me all day before I was satisfied that I had everything ready.

Now, I know I’m being paranoid about this aspect of the move. I could probably just stuff a carrier bag with documents and bluff my way through any problems that might come along. I suspect that most people would do exactly that. Me, I need to anticipate the problems before they come along, and prepare to meet them.

Sitting here at the end of a long, boring day, I’m confident that I’ve dotted all the i-s, and crossed all the t-s. Oh, lordy, but it does seem to have dulled my brain.

“Have you got a bottle of wine in the fridge?” Graham asked when we checked in this evening.

“Yup. Nice drop of Australian Semillon Chardonnay.”

“Well, make yourself a snack, pop the cork, and sit down to watch a bad movie before you go to bed. It’ll all feel a lot better in the morning.”

It was good advice. I enjoyed the wine, and waded through a large bowl of fruit. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed the bad movie, too, but do you know, now it’s all over I’m darned if I can remember anything about it. Could be the wine. I’ll put it all down to a dulled brain, though.



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