Weekends are good

Monday April 17, 2006

9 days to M-day

There’s a problem with being lazy. It’s all too easy for it to become habit forming. Even so, and in full awareness of the risk, I took it easy again today. Feet up, lots of naps, and almost no work at all, of any kind.

Oh, I suppose I got a little done here and there as restlessness overtook me. Finished my big clothing clearout. Cleared bathroom cabinets and shelves. Went over my action lists one last time. Mostly, though, I had another lazy day.

I could have jump started my activity levels by going shopping but it’s been Bank Holiday Monday and I simply didn’t fancy tackling the traffic. I fully approve of public holidays, the chance for working people to take breath and get out of day-to-day routine; I haven’t forgotten how much I looked forward to getting a break when I was working myself. I see no reason to spend too much of my retirement sitting in traffic jams, though, and am happy I’m able to keep off the road when it’s particularly bad.

Even in retirement, the Bank Holidays present an opportunity to break from the routine, and to join in the fun. Just now, my routine is suspended, more and more so as moving day approaches. For the moment, then, Bank Holidays are something I prefer to avoid. I’m looking forward to the May holiday, and August, and especially to Christmas. Unless things go really wrong, we’ll be safely in our new home in good time for Christmas.

I did indulge myself in one Bank Holiday happiness yesterday, stepping across the lane to fetch a large ice-cream cone from the bingely van when it came along playing a jolly tune on its electronic music box. Today I was much better, compensating for my reduced physical activity by reducing my food intake, with a light lunch, an early evening snack, and a supper of fruit, cutting out breakfast and dinner altogether. All good cleansing stuff, and I shall benefit for my restraint tomorrow when I need to get my act together and resume work.

So, in a way, I suppose I have marked the Bank Holiday weekend in my own fashion, resting up before the busy week ahead. I doubt if I’ll have the chance of a complete rest day between now and moving day, a week on Wednesday, but as soon as we’re safely in the caravan I propose to put my feet up once more. Just for the weekend. Then I really do need to get busy, Monday to Saturday, until I locate and start the purchase of our new home. That’s when I shall begin to look forward to the weekends properly once more. In general, weekends are good. Even Bank Holiday weekends.



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