The return of Volvic and Vichy

Saturday April 22, 2006

4 days to M-day

It wasn’t until quite late this evening that I came to realize what it is that’s been driving my energy levels into a downward spiral these past few days. It’s the booze. Periodically, and for no discernible reason, my system decides it can’t take alcohol anymore. In any form. I’ve been enjoying a couple of glasses of wine of an evening now for quite some time and, all of a sudden, it’s disagreeing with me, on an increasing level. The ‘tiredness’ I’ve been experiencing of a morning and stretching well into the afternoon has been nothing more than a series of mild hangovers.

Darn it.

Imagine the picture, if you please, of a slightly alcohol-dazed elderly poet this evening, peering closely at the half-full second glass of his evening potation in horror as the realization struck.

“You b********d,” I yelled. “It’s all your fault!”

And, without hesitation and with only a modicum of regret, I stalked over to the kitchen sink and poured the last of my drink away.

That’ll fix it.

Now, I fully realize and am grateful for the fact that I’m fortunate in my ability to simply walk away from the booze with nary a backward glance. Apart from one short episode during my military service in the early 1960s I’ve been a social drinker only, indulging want rather than need. Some folks are not so lucky.

There ain’t nothing wrong with a little drop of the good stuff of an evening. It’s a civilised, pleasurable part of the day and I love it. For the moment, and I doubt it’ll be permanent, I need to leave the glass in the cupboard and let my system have its disagreeably sober way.

It’s not going to be a total ban, though. As an instance, I’ve been looking forward to toasting the success of our move, and I’ve no intention of foregoing that little ceremony. It’ll be one glass only, sadly, and that rarely indulged and strictly confined to evenings when there’s nothing to do the next day.

Hey ho. Volvic and Vichy are going to replace the good Australian and Californian plonk in my shopping trolley from now on. I swear I can feel my liver and my weary spinal nerve clusters heaving great sighs of relief.



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