That feels really good

Saturday May 6, 2006

I cannot recall ever before having stood by a bar, pint in hand, between two fully ‘dressed’ transvestites, and chatting away merrily to the pair of them. Happened this evening, though.

I must admit that I had no idea how I would react to such an encounter. For no particular reason, neither avoidance nor fear, I’ve had very little to almost no direct experience of the world of the ‘trannies’. I acquitted myself perfectly well, however, and shall not seek to avoid similar encounters over the coming week. Nor to cultivate them. I find little common ground between their world and mine and, while my curiosity is alive and well, it lives somewhere else these days.

Whatever, you don’t get too many first times at my age and I’m grateful when my path crosses territory I’ve not trod before. Some times I stop and explore, mostly I pause momentarily, smile, and go on my way. There are many paths, and I’m perfectly content with the one on which I’m set.

Other than that it was a great, relaxing day. I had only one essential errand, tripping to the Minehead Tesco’s for provisions. Taking the pace more sedately than of late, I enjoyed the drive and the chance to make a slightly more extended observation of the landscape, spying out the scenes along the road that have lifted my soul so often in the past.

Mostly, though, and I’m not the least ashamed of it, I had a feet up day, relaxing with Dolly on the sofa, sometimes watching TV, sometimes enjoying some music, but almost entirely snoozing. For once, after my busy house-hunting week, I reckoned that I’d earned it. And, you know what, that feels really good.



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