Nothing to do

Friday May 19 2006

Apart from opening a new file with the Memorandum of Sale letter from the agent, and talking briefly to Sally our solicitor so’s she can do the same, I had nothing to do on the house purchase today. Absolutely nothing. And there’s likely to be no more active days than this right up to the finish line.

I’m not used to this and haven’t quite managed to get my head round it. I shall need to keep in touch, and turn the transfer documents round as the business proceeds, but this nothing to do state is liable to dominate my life here for the next six weeks or so. And all my time-passing equipment is in storage.

“What on earth am I going to do with myself?” I wailed.

“Think yourself lucky,” Graham said. “Spend a few days resting up and sleeping off the last of that cold, then plan a few excursions with your camera. There’ll be plenty to do again once we Complete.”

“Ok. I think. What about today?”

“I’d really like to pop down to Taunton to get my phone fixed. Do you have anything to do in town?”

“Wouldn’t mind an hour in the library to catch up with email and stuff.”

“Right. I’ll nip along to the clubhouse first to set up for tonight and then we can booga-loo.”

All the Internet terminals in the library were out of service, so I found myself in Taunton with nothing to do. “I shall drink coffee in Starbucks until you’re done,” I said, calling Graham on his wonky phone.

Yer wot?

I waited for the crackles to ease up a little and then yelled: “I’M WAITING IN STARBUCKS.”

His “Ok” came through the crackles with a reasonable degree of certainty so I wandered off, gazing in shop windows the way you do when in town with nothing to do. I got a good smile from a display of cards in the Hallmark window and when Graham eventually joined me in Starbucks I related the motto to him:

When your cat
loves you
you don’t need a
second opinion

“I don’t get it,” he said.

“You’re just in a bad mood because you couldn’t get your phone fixed.”


When we got back home I made coffee and sat down to give Dolly a great dollop of attention. As she worked herself into a full, mega-purr mode, I told her about the smile-making motto.

She didn’t get it either. Hey ho. I’ll work on her. I have nothing better to do.



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