I like that thought

Sunday May 21, 2006

“I’m glad we did this,” Graham said as we drove past the new house for a second time during a tour of the estate. “I’m more convinced than ever that we’re doing the right thing.”

“It’s helped me, too. The last of my concerns have been answered satisfactorily and I’m a lot happier than I was.”

“Good. I haven’t been this excited about a house since we were buying the one in Copthorne.”

“Sounds like I’d better get ready to hang on tight and enjoy the ride,” I said.

“We’ve done it before.”

“That’s true. How would you fancy a coffee and a bite in Sainsbury’s?”

Another element of the change that’s about to hit me is a switch in supermarket from Tesco’s to Sainsbury’s, mainly because there isn’t a Tesco’s in Bridgwater but also because the giant Sainsbury’s is no more than two minute’s drive away from the house. I could probably walk it, given a rest half-way, but carrying provisions that far is way beyond my physical limits.

And they served us the best quality plate of fish’n’chips for our lunch that I’ve had since leaving Lincolnshire, so there’s no argument, really.

Afterwards, we took a tour of the centre of town, doing our best to get an idea of how close the house is to the hub. Our impression is that the two are no more than a short medicine walk apart, which is encouraging. The problem is that foot and cycle paths, with which Bridgwater seems to be adequately supplied, are not marked on our map, so it’s not possible to get an accurate picture. It was raining steadily throughout, not in torrents but sufficient to persuade us that exploration on foot is a task for another day.

We spent a fair amount of time cruising the estate and parked close by the house, wanting to check the amount of weekend activity, particularly the degree to which the place is filled with children. Even allowing for the rain, the result was very encouraging. What sight we had of our new neighbours was encouraging, too. They look in the main to be young professionals on the way up, driving small, smart cars and likely to have a close eye on the need to maintain the value of their houses. Suits us.

Driving home along the misty coast road the wearies overtook us and we were ready for a light bite and a long siesta when we got back.

Reviewing the results of our investigations later in the day we remain confident that we’re about to enter on a good, active and positive new phase of our lives. I like that thought.



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