Impatience is a dreadful thing

Wednesday May 24, 2006

When you’re buying a house, a day in which nothing visible happens leaves you feeling flat and listless. Drifting, even. And today was like that.

Oh, I know that there’s work going on in the background as solicitors shove paper around, check details and tick off progress against the checklist. And I know that, once a week, some diligent soul will do a whistle-stop telephone tour of all the interested parties to identify and hopefully resolve any snags and hold-ups. He or she may even phone me to put me in the picture. If I don’t enquire myself, that is. Strangely enough, the person holding the purse-strings, on whom the whole venture rests, is often enough the last one to be informed.

Ach. It’s the system. Nothing to be done about it and I have to be patient. It is, after all, only a week since we agreed the purchase. Even so, nothing visible happened today, and I tend to get itchy when nothing happens.

In a few months, weeks, even, nothing happening will be the norm, and I look forward to that happy state. At present, though, things need to happen on a more or less daily basis to keep me happy, free of itches, and mild tempered.

Today, I find myself slightly less than happy, marginally itchy, and needing to work on the mildness of my temper. Impatience is a dreadful thing.



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