Some days all you can do is drool

Tuesday May 30, 2006

It wasn’t an unpleasant exchange, more a puzzled one, but it did serve to put a bit of sourness into my day for no good reason. And the problem isn’t resolved yet, so it could be that I’ll have to do the poor old drooling invalid thing to get through it. I like to keep the poor old drooling invalid thing as a last resort, rarely used. It doesn’t do to over-play the poor old drooling invalid thing, in my experience.

See, it was like this. I finally got round to visiting the Williton doctors’ surgery today, needing to replenish my supply of heart medication. I explained that I’m living in temporary accommodation, having moved out of the Lincolnshire house, and pending a move at some indeterminate future date to the new house in Bridgwater.

“We can’t prescribe for you, I’m afraid. Best we can do is give you seven day’s supply but then you’ll need to phone your old doctors and get them to mail you a prescription you can have filled locally.”

“Can’t I register here as a temporary resident?”

“No. It’s not allowed.”

So I left, puzzled, but having to be satisfied with a promise that the seven day supply will be ready to pick up tomorrow.

Back home I phoned the Lincolnshire surgery, explained the position, and told them what the surgery in Williton had told me.

“We can’t prescribe for you because you’ve moved out of the area.”

“But the local people say they can’t prescribe because I’m not a permanent resident.”

“You’ll have to go back to them and register as a temporary resident.”

“They say it’s not allowed.”

“Ask them to look again. You can register as a temporary resident for any period up to three months.”

“Is my file still on your system?”

I had to give my identification details, but I eventually gained a response in the affirmative.

“But even so, you can’t prescribe?”

“No. It’s not allowed.”

I thanked the nice lady for her help, using the special, cold British tone that means exactly the opposite, and rang off.

As I say, I’m puzzled. I don’t plan on being puzzled for too long, though. I’ll go back to the Williton surgery tomorrow and drool on their counter until they give me what I need. Some days all you can do is drool.



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