Looking out over the sea

Saturday June 3, 2006

Such enjoyment as may be had of reading through the great wad of documents you get when you’re buying a new house, I’ve had today. I now know all about the original transfer, the deeds, covenants, environmental and developmental permissions and controls, water and sewerage lines and connections… in short, far too much information. It all looks good to us, and we’ll be signing the contract tomorrow.

We also need to sign the stamp duty tax return in readiness for payment on completion. I don’t know anyone who approves of stamp duty and I heartily loathe it. Revolutions have been fought and colonies lost over such iniquitous taxes.

The last task for tomorrow will be to transfer sufficient cash from savings to my current account to cover the cheque for the 10% deposit. I’ll hand the whole thing over the solicitor’s desk in Minehead on Monday, checking with Sally that we’ve done everything needed of us at this stage. Then, so far as we’re concerned, the job will be done and all we’ll have to do is wait and see what dates are proposed for exchange and completion.

Things are moving apace.

Other than that I made a quick trip into Williton to pick up my meds and a small bag of provender, and then came back to the caravan as quick as I could to get out of the heat.

A caravan is not the best of places in which to endure a hot summer’s day but Dolly and I managed comfortably to snooze the afternoon and early evening away to the soporific sound of a couple of electric fans until things cooled down. She then had her main meal of the day, I had my second shower of the day, and left her snoozing happily once more while I went up to the bar for my pint which I enjoyed greatly along with a half-hour of sunset gazing, looking out over the sea.



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