I’d better make a list

Tuesday June 6, 2006

“I told you we’d have to look out for the date,” Graham said when he called from the clubhouse this morning.

“What date?”

“Sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year. All the sixes. Sign of the Beast.”

“Nee nah, nee nah,” I said in a pale imitation of the theme from the Outer Limits.

“That’s the one.”

“Superstitious nonsense. What about it, anyway?”

“We’ve got a letter from Sally. You’d better come up and see it.”

“On my way.”

When I got there and he handed me the letter a single phrase, the salient one, leapt from the page:

“… exchange early next week. We can then complete at the end of the week – if that would suit?”

“Eeek!” I squeaked.

“You said it. Can we do that?”

“Oh yes. It’s do-able. Just frightening, is all. I knew they didn’t want to hang about but I didn’t expect them to be in quite such indecent haste.”

So, anyway, after a flurry of phone calls and Internet banking, I declared myself ready to go.

“You’re a clever old sausage,” Graham said.

“For once, I agree. It looks like a week on Friday we’ll be turning the key in the lock and sizing up the project.”

“And that night we’ll crack the bottle of champagne I’ve had on ice all this while.”

The project? Well, the house is a little less than three years old and has seen a bit of hard living so we’ve decided to scrub the house from top to bottom, paint all the walls and repair any damaged woodwork before moving our furniture in.

I’ll be wielding the paint pad by day, returning to the caravan for the evenings and nights, and Graham will join me to do the heavy stuff on his days off. The project will have to take as long as it takes but the thought of restoring our new home to pristine, as-new, condition before we live in it has an irresistable appeal. Working on an empty house is, of course, by far the easiest and quickest way to do such a job.

I have a lot of official stuff to do over the next two weeks, arranging phone and broadband connection along with all the utilities. And a whole new batch of address changes to do. I’d better make a list…



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